Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Gallbladder Removal Surgeon

The gallbladder is not a body organ that gets a lot of attention — unless it’s causing you pain.

This little pear-shaped sac found just beneath your liver stores bile — a fluid that helps digest fat. It plays a role in the digestion of fats from food by storing bile when food arrives, and delivering it to the small intestine. 

Usually, the gallbladder does not cause as many problems, but if something slows or blocks the flow of bile from the gallbladder, a number of problems can occur.

Cases of Gallstones in New Zealand

One of the common gallbladder problems is gallstones, which occur when chemicals usually dissolved in bile form crystals, and then cling together to form stones. When left untreated, the condition may go on to develop complications.

In New Zealand, about 10% of all adults will have gallstones, according to a report by Southern Cross, a not-for-profit organisation in the country. 

How Do you Know if You Have Gallstones?

Here are some of the common symptoms of gallstones:
  • Severe pain in the abdomen
  • Pain that feels sharp or dull
  • Pain that may extend to the back or the right shoulder blade
  • Pain that worsens after eating a meal
  • Pain that increases when you breathe in

Treatment Options

While there are many ways to ease the condition, such as adjusting your diet, reducing your fat intake, and taking acetaminophen, these can only provide temporary relief.

Dr David Moss, Auckland’s pre-eminent general surgeon, recommends getting a gallbladder removal surgery instead. Before you undergo the surgery, however, he will first examine your symptoms, use his anatomical knowledge, and review your previous examinations to make sure a gallbladder removal surgery is the best option for your condition.

So if you feel something amiss, call us to schedule your initial consultation with Dr David Moss — Auckland’s trusted gallbladder surgeon.
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